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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Freedom Convoy, the protests, the border blockades—how one of Canada’s biggest stories of the year catapulted the towing industry into the spotlight. by Kara Cunningham The convoy movement that swept across Canada earlier this year interrupted life and business and raised interesting questions about the relationship between personal liberty and public responsibility. As the …

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Words of Wisdom

from the Professionals [Featured image for this page: Cari Robertson of Clover Towing says education and training, especially through WreckMaster courses, is the key to success – photo: Sarah Bruce] Over the years, I have interviewed numerous professionals in the towing and recovery industry, the following are their words of wisdom that have stuck with …

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Flat-Rate Towing and Recovery Gives Back to North Bay Community

North Bay Ontario Company Gives Back to the Community by Pat RedigerPhotos courtesy Flat-Rate Towing and Recoveryfeatured image: The outside of H.O.P.E.’s Kitchen in North Bay, Ontario Tow truck drivers are known for their desire to help people and get them back on the road, but Kate Valiquette and her husband Chris Brown have taken …

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Getting a Ferry Rolling

It is standard procedure to pull a ferry out of the water when it is not in use, but no matter how many times you have done it before, it is always a challenge! by Tony D’Anjou, Dominic Hébert In mid-September 2020, Hillaire Journault, owner of CNM Évolution, contacted our dispatch at Remorquage Provincial Jacques …

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When Justin Birch received a distress call from a neighbour, he quickly learned this would be no ordinary job. by Pat Rediger In response to an emergency call, Justin Birch, co-owner of Vintage Towing in Leduc, Alberta, took a wrecker and a flatbed truck, and headed down the road for the twenty minute drive. Earlier …

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