PTAO Introduces A Long-Awaited Accreditation Program

by the Provincial Towing Association of Ontario (PTAO)

Since 1998, The Provincial Towing Association of Ontario (PTAO), has been the largest towing association in Ontario. The PTAO has worked tirelessly with external towing industry stakeholders over the years to identify a centralized Provincial Towing License solution.

To accelerate the process, the PTAO invited government officials, educational tow truck training company representatives, the Ministry of Transportation, police, and CAA to an inaugural and open panel discussion hosted at the 2019 PTAO Tow Show. The panel discussion was live-streamed and so successful that there was a consensus to form a ‘Towing Task Force’ (2019) to address the problems of the towing industry.

The “Towing Task Force Committee” met throughout 2019-2020 with the goal of providing an operational model and provincial towing solution to the provincial government. Through the extensive collection of information from stakeholders’ discussions, the PTAO released a white paper in September 2020 with specific recommendations and a phased approach to achieve the PTAO’s tagline: Engage, Envolve, Elevate in the towing industry.

The determination of PTAO to raise the standards in the towing industry has now reached a new benchmark. Earlier this year, the PTAO board unanimously decided to move forward to establish an Accreditation Program for tow truck operators across Ontario. This bold move is yet another example of PTAO’s progressive approach to ensuring consumer safety and establishing a recognized standard of towing in Ontario. Currently, there are no towing standards for tow truck operators in Ontario.

PTAO President, Mark Graves commented, “I have been in the towing industry for over 30 years, and I cannot tell you how impactful it will be to establish an industry standard through our Accreditation Program for existing towers and tow operators, as well as for those entering the towing industry. Ultimately, we are looking to the provincial government to legislate province-wide standards and mandate their compliance to regulate the towing industry.”

The PTAO confirmed details of their Accreditation Program to the PTAO’s membership at the 2022 PTAO Tow Show in September, with a panel discussion that explored the challenges, benefits, and the need to reform and standardize licensing for tow truck operators in Ontario.

The PTAO thanks its members for their support in elevating the towing standards to protect consumers’ and tow operators’ interests as the core values that we know are essential if Provincial Licensing in Ontario is to be effective. It is time for the Ontario Government to listen to the subject matter experts—the PTAO and its members!

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