Mitchell’s Towing Becomes First EVfriendly Certified Towing Business

Mitchell’s Towing Ltd., based in North Vancouver, B.C., has become the first towing business to become EVfriendly Certified. Owner Mitchell Martin and his staff successfully completed the associated training on safe towing, handling, and storing of zero-emission vehicles, giving their customers peace of mind that their EVs will be cared for by a qualified professional.

There are things that tow operators need to be aware of when attending a call that involves an electric vehicle, a large portion of which has to do with operator safety.

The EVfriendly program includes training and certification of businesses in the complete EV life cycle, including point of sale, towing and recovery, service and repair, and end-of-life processes. “EVfriendly certification allows you to gain more knowledge and makes you comfortable when decisions need to be made,” said Mitchell.

The B.C. government has mandated that by 2035 all new passenger vehicles sold in the province must be zero emissions vehicles. This target also aligns with the federal government’s mandate. To help with adoption, the B.C. government provides incentives on the purchase of new EVs, and effective February 23 2022 the provincial sales tax on used EVs was eliminated. Many auto manufacturers have announced plans to produce only electric vehicles even sooner than the 2035 mandate. The growth in EV sales will be exponential in the coming years.

Businesses providing automotive services, including vehicle sales, towing, collision repair, mechanical repair, and auto recycling, need special training when it comes to EVs, and not just for safety. For example, a Canadian EV owner was left with a $28,000 repair bill recently, when a tow truck operator hooked a winch onto his Ford Mustang Mach-E’s battery rail, causing damage to the batteries. This unfortunate incident was entirely avoidable, had the operator been trained in the proper handling of electric vehicles.

“We must embrace this technology and the changes it brings to our industry,” said Scott Waddle, owner of Precision Auto Service Ltd. in Langley, B.C.

“With the highest uptake rates of electric vehicles in North America, B.C. is positioned to become a leader in the industry,” said Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation. “By ensuring the availability of more qualified professionals in the industry, the EVfriendly program will support this uptake and make it easier for more British Columbians to go electric.”

Having been trained and certified in the EVfriendly program, Mitchell Martin and his staff are now prepared for the proliferation of electric vehicles. Upon learning about the program, other towing companies in the province will soon be following suit.

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