For 50 years, Jerr-Dan has defined towing and recovery industry standards for performance, reliability, and service.  Jerr-Dan offers an extensive range of standard, medium and heavy-duty wreckers, carriers, and rotators. Each truck offers superior engineering for strength and stability, reliability, and versatility to exceed the expectations of a demanding industry.


From simple breakdowns to extreme recoveries, Jerr-Dan offers a wide range of wrecker models. The Jerr-Dan wrecker line ranges from standard to heavy-duty bodies that exceed a tough industry’s needs.

Standard-duty wreckers include the MPL and HPL product lines. The MPL40 offers an 8-ton integrated recovery boom, a 4,000 lb. self-loading underlift featuring the “underlift level stop assist system”, and a modular aluminum body. The HPL-35 and HPL-60 offer an 8-ton or 12-ton independent wrecker boom with an independent wheel lift ranging from 3,500 lb. to 6,000 lb. Each model is built with a modular aluminum body.

Heavy-duty wreckers come available in 25, 35 or 50- ton configurations. All Jerr-Dan wreckers are engineered and designed for maximum power, stability, and versatility. The 50-Ton Wrecker offers a reach of 291” on a 3-stage boom, making it the longest in its class. The 50-Ton also provides the industry’s longest underlift with 174” of reach.


The strength and stability of the Jerr-Dan 50/60 Rotator comes from the industry leading scissor style outriggers and unique torsion frame design. This incredibly stable platform allows for 41’ of boom reach and 360-degree load chart, making this Rotator the best in its class. Standard 50K main boom winches and optional 20K auxiliary boom winches allow for excellent winching and lifting capabilities. 

The independent, knee boom underlift is offered in a variety of configurations to meet customer demands. Ratings from 30,000 to 56,500 lbs. of lift capacity and 20K, 35K, or 50K drag winches provide additional options to fit diverse towing and recovery needs.


The carrier product line includes standard, medium, heavy-duty, multi-car and industrial models. Choose from aluminum, steel or wood decks with capacities of 6 or 15 tons and length options of 19’ or 30’.   The XLP line offers the industry’s lowest load angle to recover even the lowest profile vehicles.

All Jerr-Dan steel and aluminum carriers feature Jerr-Dan’s innovative No-Lube technology which saves maintenance time and costs. Models also come available with operator safety focused options including the patented R.A.I.L system (Jerr-Dan’s Exclusive Rear Awareness Indicator Lights) and Dual Manual Free Spool. 

Side Recovery System

The Jerr-Dan Side Recovery System (also known as SRS) series offers product versatility by adding unparalleled recovery capability to any unit. The SRS is available for wreckers and carriers. On a carrier, the SRS-8 and SRS-10 are the strongest and most durable in their class.

The SRS-25 and SRS-35 offer maximum pulling capacity and add versatility to the heavy-duty product line. On any SRS model, the pivoting recovery boom makes recovery from either side of the vehicle possible.

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