J.W. Speaker

About J.W. Speaker

Specializing in LED and emerging lighting technologies, J.W. Speaker leads the industry in bringing innovative concepts to market at our global headquarters, in Germantown, WI. J.W. Speaker spearheads research and development, designing, prototyping, and manufacturing for several of the world’s largest and most iconic brands, across a wide range of industries.

Ensuring quality excellence in all finished products, J.W. Speaker’s in-house capabilities include:

  • Product Concepting and Development
  • In-house Modeling
  • Optical Engineering and Testing
  • Virtual Reality
  • Circuit Design & Manufacturing


J.W. Speaker is redefining lighting with our integrated lens heating technology:  SmartHeat®. Cold temperatures and harsh winter weather can cause snow and ice buildup on the outside of lights, reducing visibility and creating dangerous situations, not only for you, but to others on the road.


In a world where road accidents are commonplace, tow truck drivers face a higher accident and fatality rate due to distracted drivers on the road. We want to help you alert those drivers to slow down and move over.

J.W. Speaker offers an extensive lighting portfolio to address visibility and safety issues. Our 360° lighting solutions offer visibility from every angle. Our LED Safety and Warning lights help to alert drivers on roadways to slow down and move over, ensuring everyone gets home safely. 


Interested in the highest quality LED lights for your vehicle?  Looking for lights with SmartHeat® technology?  Explore the J.W. Speaker website for our full portfolio of 360° lighting solutions for any vehicle.