Submit Your Recovery Story or Tow Tale

Tow Canada is giving away one of our Tow Canada hoodies and safety vests to submitters whose stories are selected for our Recovery Story or Tow Tales sections. You have a chance to win with every new edition of Tow Canada!

Tips for a successful Recovery Story entry:

  • Provide details! Tell us about the equipment you used, how you set it up, what the challenges were in terms of the location, weather conditions, etc.
  • Provide photos! Pictures tell a thousand words, but we need high-quality photos (typically, photos shot with a phone will not do). Use the highest resolution settings available. Turn the camera to portrait orientation and ou just might make the cover.

Tips for a successful Tow Tales entry:

  • Tow Tales are stories about something unusual that happened while on duty. They are often funny.
  • Again, photos help the reader visualize the scene. See above for tips on photos.

To enter, send your story along with your name and email address to

Your story can be attached as a Microsoft Word file or typed in the body of the email message. Try to write between 600 – 900 words. Do not worry if you are not a great writer—our team will work with you to edit your story as needed.

Photos can be attached, but the total combined files should not exceed 10MB. Send over multiple emails if necessary.

Your chances of winning depend on the number of entries received. Our goal is to select a submission for publication with each issue of Tow Canada.