Vancouver Tow Truck Driver Assaulted with Hammer

On July 13, Vancouver police arrested a man who confronted a tow truck driver in a parking lot between East Vancouver and Burnaby, British Columbia. A witness at the scene recorded a video of the incident that was later shared on social media. The footage shows a man upset his car was being towed.

The angry man was standing at the side of a Drake Towing tow truck, yelling and swearing at the operator. At one point he went into a nearby restaurant and brought out a hammer and used it to shatter the tow truck’s window. The video shows that the operator and a man recording the incident were trying to calm the car owner down and asked him to stay away from the truck. Instead, he kicked at the side of the truck and repeatedly challenged the operator to get out of the vehicle. However, as shown in the video, the tow truck driver stayed locked in his truck the entire time.

Police investigators said the tow truck driver was called to the scene because the car was parked in an unauthorized spot. After the car owner came to the scene, the incident escalated. Luckily, no one was injured. Drake Towing told Global News that the attacked driver was doing fine, but he did not wish to share further comments as the matter is before the courts.

The aggressor was arrested and police have since recommended a number of assault-related charges including uttering threats, assault with a weapon, and mischief.