Rate Increase for B.C. Impound Lot Operators

Courtesy of the Automotive Retailers Association

RoadSafetyBC has announced a forthcoming increase in the Impound Lot Operator program rates. Following numerous consultations between the ARA and RoadSafetyBC,  this $20 increase will be applied to the existing $35.00 admin fee (negotiated on your behalf by the ARA in 2014). The new rate becomes effective July 1st, and only for vehicles impounded after July 1st. The increase is applied to the administration fee, but the effective result is a 17.8 percent increase in the tow rate.

Special thanks goes out to Mitchell Martin, owner of Mitchell’s Towing in North Vancouver, and Adrian Scovell, president and CEO of the ARA, for their hard work, patience, and perseverance in this endeavour. This is yet another example of how the work the ARA does on behalf of industry benefits your business, and why you support the ARA through your membership.