Jerr-Dan’s New Side Stabilization Feature for Heavy Duty Wreckers

Jerr-Dan Corporation has launched a new Jerr-Dan Side Stabilization (SS70) for heavy-duty wreckers.  The company also announced remote control enhancements in conjunction with the SS70 launch.

The new SS70 features 37,000 pounds of rated structural capacity, hydraulic legs that can be controlled from the driver and passenger side control stations, a side-to-side leveling capability of up to 5.5 degrees, pivoting feet and 4 D-Rings for rigging.  With two mounting options, a forward position behind the cab and a rear mounting position in front of the pedestal, the SS70 provides more stability to the truck during recovery and improves performance during towing, when operated within product guidelines.

According to Mike VanAken, Jerr-Dan director of product management and marketing, “The new side stabilization option allows operators to put more counterweight forward for enhanced towing performance and keeping the SS70 behind the pedestal creates enhanced stability. Additionally, the new option creates better stability throughout the entire range of motion in the boom.”

“Listening and responding to our customers’ needs for more than 45 years has allowed Jerr-Dan to continue innovating and delivering the best equipment in the towing and recovery industry,” said Jeff Irr, senior director of sales for Jerr-Dan. “The new SS70 is a direct result of feedback from end-users and our distributor network. Our industry experience and brand value continue to be the driver in delivering the highest quality recovery vehicles in the business.”

Jerr-Dan’s Heavy Duty Remote Control has been improved and was re-launched at the same time. The upgrades include an added winch engagement and two-speed functionality, along with colour coordinated winch function paddles and a brightly coloured housing for improved visibility. The remote features also include two rechargeable batteries, a charger and tether cable for wired control and trickle-charging.

“The upgrade for our wireless remote-control system is a natural evolution of the product,” VanAken added. The new system reflects years of feedback from customers and accumulated engineering and manufacturing experience, all of which has allowed us to deliver a system that is effective to use with twice as many features. The new remote has the potential to increase productivity and it allows operators to position themselves in the most ideal location when recovering vehicles.”

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