Helping the International Towing Museum in Turbulent Times

Miller Industries donates funds raised from their first two online Brainstorming with the Pros sessions with Tom Luciano to the International Towing Museum and Hall of Fame.  

Many businesses suffered significant loss of revenue during the pandemic crisis of 2020. This is especially true for the tourism and hospitality industry. Miller Industries donates $10,941.85 from proceeds raised during their first two sessions of Brainstorming with the Pros with Tom Luciano. The online sessions were held in January and February of 2021 and ticket sales greatly exceeded expectations.

“It’s been exciting to see so many close personal friends from the towing and recovery industry come together to learn and help raise money for the museum.” Said Tom Luciano, SME and product specialist for Miller Industries. “Our Brainstorming with the Pros sessions have been a win-win. We’ve been able to take the opportunity to help others grow as operators and couple that with the ability to give back,” said Todd Harless, marketing manager for Miller Industries.

Miller Industries plans to offer future online sessions of Brainstorming with the Pros throughout 2021. Stay up-to-date with more information regarding future sessions by subscribing to the Miller Industries newsfeed at

Photo: Todd Harless, marketing manager, Miller Industries; Cathy Brumgard, general manager, International Towing Museum; Tom Luciano, product specialist, Miller Industries.